Serviam Canada is an organization of alumni from the Caribbean, who attended Ursuline schools in Guyana and Barbados. These schools are run by nuns of the Ursuline Order, which originated in Italy in 1535. The Sisters have been teaching in the Caribbean since 1847. Our organization started in Ottawa in 1985 when a group of former pupils decided to follow the motto of our school – SERVIAM – I will serve – by initiating a fundraising drive for educational projects in the Caribbean. Our first dance was in 1989, and since then it has become a yearly event. We use our proceeds to enable needy students to attend school and benefit from the educational experience that would not otherwise be possible.



Since 1989, Serviam Canada has raised approximately $110,000 Cdn. These funds have enabled us to sponsor about 50 children on an individual basis, providing them with school fees, uniforms, textbooks, transportation and lunch money. In addition, we have been able to assist groups of students by providing computers, visual aids, Reading Programme textbooks, library books and a school meal programme for needy children and, occasionally, by paying a teacher’s salary.

If you would like to make an additional contribution through Serviam to these children, we would be most grateful. All contributions and donations are always carefully distributed.

Gracious God,

Let us remain in harmony.
United together all of one heart and one will.
Let us be bound to one another by the bond of love, respecting each other, helping each other, and bearing with each other in Jesus Christ.
For if we try to be like this, without any doubt, the Lord God will be in our midst.


The Ursuline Prayer