These children have written their own success stories. All they needed was a little financial help to open the doors of potential held within each one of them. Their backgrounds range from a family of ten to orphaned, and from living in the interiors to the cities.


Megan and Rebecca

live with their elderly grandmother and are in primary and secondary school respectively. They continue to perform well academically, maintaining term averages of 80% and 83% respectively.


mother is a single parent who cannot afford to pay the full school fees. Our sponsorship allows her to attend the Marian Academy. Her 1st term average was 79%.


is one of twin boys. His parents can only afford to pay for one child, so our help enables both boys to attend the same school. His 1st term average was 68%.



a student with great promise, was recommended to us for sponsorship because her mother is unable to cover the cost of her school fees. Her 1st term average was 82%. For the academic year of 2009-2010, Natalie received a special prize for exemplary community service.


mother is a single parent of three and has asked for help in paying Semone’s school fees.



age 25, is pursuing an associate degree in Medical Technology. From a poor area in Kingston, and an impoverished family, she has beaten the odds through her hard work. Her tuition fees have increased twice in the last year, and we have been able to help her pay the higher fees so that she can complete this final academic year. Carmeka has done very well indeed and has just obtained an internship at the University Hospital of the West Indies.

The Blessed Marie School Support Programme

is located in Kingston, jamaica. As indicated by the name, its purpose is to help the neediest children attend school by providing bus passes and nutritious lunches. We are helping 4 children in grades 6 through 9.


Enfant-Jésus Orphanage

has been supported by us since September 2009, through the RCMP members of Team Haiti. All funds donated in 2010 were specifically used to register the 26 children in a nearby public school, enabling them to be an integral part of the community, and to purchase school supplies, backpacks, and uniforms for the younger children.

The Marco Depestre Foundation

established in 2009 in Ottawa, it supports various projects in Haiti. This year, Serviam Canada gave the foundation $300 USD to provide school supplies for the children whose school was severely damaged in the earthquake. Until the repair of the Maro-Verger School, the children are being educated under a large tent.

Past Successes


was sponsored for 3 years while she completed nursing school. Living with an aunt and having only a small government grant to live on, she was helped with books, travel and living expenses. Described as bright and highly motivated, she persevered in spite of harsh conditions and has graduated as a nurse.


is one of ten children from a single parent home. Year 2002 was our fifth year of sponsorship covering uniforms, textbooks, and school fees. Alecia has now successfully completed High School and has entered Nursing School where she works and studies.


parents are subsistence farmers in a remote rural area. They cannot afford to send her to the regional school. She stays with an aunt in Georgetown, Guyana. Without funds from the serviam, the family would be unable to cover the cost of her tuition. Devida continues to do very well at school.


was the youngest in a family in which the father had a meager government pension and the mother baked to make ends meet. Sponsorship began in 1991 at age 12. For several years, Gerard placed first first in his class, graduating in 1997. He is studying and working in accounts, strongly motivated to qualify in accounting. He keeps in touch with the Ursuline Sisters with offers to help if needed, in gratitude for their being the ‘go-between’.


one of seven children, is from the interior of Guyana. Although both parents work, they were unable to assist with her educational expenses. Sponsorship through Serviam has enabled her to complete her final year in Teacher Training College. She is now teaching in Georgetown.


School fees: $1,040 Cdn.


School fees: $1,040 Cdn.


final year bursary had fallen through. Serviam’s contribution of $2,500 Cdn. made it possible for her to finish her final year of Teacher’s Training College. Michelle has committed to return to Guyana to teach at the Marian Academy, and to assist with the children at St. Ann’s Home.


(Contribution to fees for tuition for a term of Petal’s education: $200 Cdn.)
Petal has limited vision and requires aid to assist her vision impairment.

Riso Duplicating Machine

A significant financial contribution was made so that 3 schools could purchase and share the use of this printing machine. Previous to this, students had to pay for their own copies to study for exams.


donated $500 Cdn to a Literacy Program in order to purchase reading material and workbooks for Kindergarden and Grade 1 in Kingston, Jamaica.

In 2004, with the funds we were able to help Shady Grove Basic School in Jamaica. Sister Sheila is one of the teachers there with approximately 64 students. She concentrates on teaching them to read and write. The funds provided allow for basic materials and books.

We were able to purchase a new computer system and printer for St. Ann’s orphanage, Guyana. Previously, all the children shared various cast-offs for everything from games to preparing for their CXC exams.

Serviam has also commited to finding resources from CNIB to aid the many children who are visually challenged, but lack sufficient resources to ease their lives.

This is a difficult time in the world with so many needy and we are aware that you do so much with your precious resources.

We thank you for considering us among the many that you already help.

Gracious God,

Let us remain in harmony.
United together all of one heart and one will.
Let us be bound to one another by the bond of love, respecting each other, helping each other, and bearing with each other in Jesus Christ.
For if we try to be like this, without any doubt, the Lord God will be in our midst.


The Ursuline Prayer